Sustainable development

The health of the planet is important to us

At Collège Sainte-Anne, protecting the environment is a priority. We therefore apply the principles of sustainable development to all of our activities, mainly directing our actions in the following areas: air quality; water management; energy efficiency; ecological management of waste and dangerous goods; procurement guidelines; decreased use of non-recoverable materials; improvement of interior design; broadening of the framework for plastic and can recovery; biodegradable waste handling; awareness-raising among students and staff about the environmental objectives.

Healthy planet actions

Since the introduction of its environmental policy, the Collège has increasingly been taking steps to significantly reduce its ecological footprint on the environment. These include :

  • management of dangerous and organic waste from the laboratories
  • recycling printer cartridges, latex paint and so on
  • use of electronic thermostats
  • use of LED lighting exclusively
  • reducing the water temperature in the boiler
  • prompt repair of any water leak

Everyone does their part

Here, the environment is everybody’s responsibility! This means that the administration, students and staff members all initiate environmental actions. These include :

  • awareness-raising campaign for alternative transport and carpooling
  • organizing environmental theme days
  • recovering paper and cardboard
  • establishing a green committee
  • recycling cans and plastic bottles
  • raising awareness in the community