Honours science degree

The Honours Science Degree offers a challenge to students enrolled in Science at Collégial international Sainte-Anne (CiSA). In addition to their regular science courses, students are given the opportunity to expand their science knowledge, skills and understanding through research projects, conferences, field trips and more. This degree is designed to provide flexibility and freedom to students in terms of deadlines and subjects/fields of interest.

For the Science geeks


- Applicants must have a strong interest in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and/or programming.
- Applicants to the Honours Science Degree must have over 85% in each of their Math and Science prerequisites and have an overall secondary 5 average of at least 80%.
- Applicants must submit a letter of interest. This 500–750 word paper should include the following:

  • Past project(s) and/or major accomplishment(s) (including those not related to science).
  • Major science fields of interest (e.g., astrophysics, environment, biomedical sciences, etc.).
  • A suggestion of a science research project that you would like to carry out during your two years at the college.
  • - Applicants undergo a short interview process with the science coordinator. You can join him at any time by email: honours.science@sainteanne.ca
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    Honours Science Degree requirements

    The requirements listed below are brief guidelines only. Once accepted into the degree, students will receive individual guidance on how to successfully achieve the following:

    Excellent level of achievement

    Honours Science students will have to maintain an overall average of approximately 85% in all their science courses combined throughout their two years at CiSA.

    In addition to high academic standards, the Honours Science coordinator reserves the right to remove an Honours Student from the certification at any time. Examples that could lead to a removal include academic dishonesty, poor ethical values, or poor overall achievement in several subjects.

    Complete one independent Honours Science project and research report

    This independent science project must be initiated during the first semester and ideally completed by the end of the first year at CiSA. Honours Science students can work on a topic of their choice and must write a formal research report presenting findings.

    In addition to the research project, Honours Science students may present results at an official science competition subject to approval by the Honours Science coordinator.

    This Honours Science project is generally not related to the end of studies Integrated Project.

    Compete in at least one science contest

    Honours Science students must participate in a provincial, national or international science competition of their choice. When applicable, students can present results of their own independent Honours Science project.

    Attend at least one formal science conference

    Honours Science students must attend a scientific talk or conference. This conference is in addition to regular course requirements.

    Visit a research laboratory

    Honours Science students must visit a university (or a private company) where advanced science research is being conducted.

    Accomplish at least 20 hours of community involvement related to science

    Honours Science students must complete at least 20 hours of community involvement. Opportunities will be provided to students by the Honours Science coordinator.

    Participate in an organized field trip

    Honours Science students must participate in a field trip that will be organized by the coordinator according to the interests of the students. This field trip will take place during the fall of the second year and will vary between one and three days in length.

    Make use of the CiSA Makerspace laboratory

    Honours Science students are required to use the Makerspace laboratory twice during their studies. This well-equipped laboratory was specially designed to encourage creativity in science. Equipment available includes a 3D printer, drones, Arduino microcontrollers, and electronic music equipment.

    Attend a university/post-secondary open house or “student for a day” program

    Honours Science students are required to attend and report on a visit of a university or post-secondary institution of their choice.

    Keep a portfolio of all Honours Degree requirements

    Honours Science students are required to keep a portfolio of all requirements listed above. The portfolio is a collection of all achievements made during the Honours Degree and should include pictures of events attended and work done in relation to each requirement.


    All Honours Science Degree requirements will be graded on a pass or fail basis.

    Students will receive timely feedback and have the opportunity to improve their work prior to final evaluation.

    Honours Science Degree grades are not included in the calculation of the R-score or the general average of science courses.


    Upon successful completion, students will receive an Honours Science Diploma and a letter of recommendation from the Honours Science Degree coordinator.

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