End-of-studies project

Students in all programs of study have the opportunity to carry out a four- to six-week active research project abroad. Afterwards, they present a report on their experience. Students who have complemented their academic program with hands-on experience in a professional setting have more to offer the Québec employment market. For this reason, Sainte-Anne has created an project program and developed partnerships with NGOs, businesses and universities.

Students at Collégial international Sainte-Anne are invited to do an end-of-studies project as part of the comprehensive examination required to complete their program. Projects may take place at the United Nations, one of the world’s best hospitals, a major scientific laboratory, in the field with a renowned NGO—the possibilities are as boundless as students’ ambitions.

Projects must be multidisciplinary and have a broad scope. They are organized individually or in small teams and take place in Québec, elsewhere in Canada or abroad.

Projects, which last from one to two months, provide students with a unique and rich learning experience that is directly related to their program of studies. This experience is particularly valued by universities as it demonstrates the student’s commitment, ability to adapt, self-reliance and creativity.

During their second term, students register for the Management Project course as the first step in preparing for their project. Working under the supervision of a teacher, they define their objectives, identify an issue as a starting point, select an activity sphere and, finally, choose a destination. The teacher is available to guide them through the process and to evaluate the relevance and feasibility of the project.

To accommodate the project in the fourth term, the schedule of courses is lightened and coursework is condensed into the first three months of the term. A teacher will evaluate each step as the project progresses.

Following the project, students have to make a bilingual presentation to a jury explaining their project. The project report, which must incorporate multimedia technologies, essentially serves as a comprehensive examination of the student’s learning and is a prerequisite to completing the program and obtaining a diploma of college studies.

While at Collégial international Sainte-Anne, francophone students improve their ability in English, which has become indispensable for university studies and the professional world. For this reason, we have developed partnerships with Canadian and U.S. universities to open the possibility of doing projects in English.

To date, Sainte-Anne students have organized more than sixty projects on all five continents. Examples of past student projects include :

  • A study looking at the impact of nutrition on children in a Kenyan orphanage
  • A study on improving the performance of solar panels in Australia
  • Creation and integration of an educational video game on a Montréal website
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The testimonies of our aluni and our teachers

En choisissant Sainte-Anne, j’ai choisi d'évoluer dans un milieu qui me stimule grâce à l’environnement bilingue, la pédagogie active et l’utilisation des TIC.

Marcel Mitrasca, professeur de sciences politiques

Au CiSA, vous pourrez faire des découvertes originales en mathématiques et étudier les mystérieuses figures fractales!

Patrick St-Amant, professeur de mathématiques

Au CiSA, vous pourrez faire des découvertes originales en mathématiques et étudier les mystérieuses figures fractales!

Patrick St-Amant, professeur de mathématiques