International concept

The Earth is our future

We know that our students will go out and discover the world for themselves. Culture sharing, bilingualism, an end-of-studies project anywhere in the world—we are invested in educating the leaders of tomorrow.


A bilingual environment

Collégial international Sainte-Anne is the first francophone CEGEP to offer all students instruction in both French and English in all programs of study.


Rubbing shoulders with international students

Recruiting international students has two vital goals: to enrich the social environment for Québec students by welcoming foreign students to our international academic environment and to play a role in attracting an international workforce down the road in order to further the demographic and economic development of Québec.
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End-of-studies projects

The projects must be multidisciplinary and have a broad scope. They are organized individually or in small teams and take place in Québec, elsewhere in Canada or in another country.
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Back from their end-of-studies projects, students share with visitors their discoveries and achievements!
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