Physical education

Students at Sainte-Anne are required to take three physical education courses of their choice.

  • 109-101-MQ Training Circuit
  • 109-103-MQ Fitness Program
  • 109-101-MQ Outdoor training
  • 109-101-MQ Muscle Building
  • 109-101-MQ Multi-Sport
  • 109-103-MQ Swimming
  • 109-103-MQ Hiking
  • 109-103-MQ Team Sports
  • 109-103-MQ Sailing


Two other physical activity courses will thrill students with stimulating and unique experiences.

Weather permitting, these courses are offered outside the regular schedule in two formats: intensive or semi-intensive (full week or weekend). Activities include:

  • Canoe-camping
  • Climbing
  • Cyclo- tourism
  • Hiking
  • Water sports (white-water kayaking or sailing)
  • Winter camping

Training room

All students have access to our fitness centre. The 3,200-square-foot facility features high-tech equipment (Keiser, Jammer, etc.), a weight-lifting platform, and one floor dedicated to cardio. Users have the possibility of being supervised by a trainer.

Our environment

Students at Sainte-Anne have access to nearby bicycle and walking paths, an outdoor pool, tennis courts, a baseball diamond, a marina, a canoe club, and more. They can even skate and cross-country ski on the river in winter, and within travelling distance are alpine ski slopes and opportunities for mountain climbing—to name just some of the possibilities.