Students can participate in school life at the college through the Sainte-Anne Student Association (SASA), a non-profit organization funded by dues paid at the same time as tuition fees. The Association is responsible for organizing and administering all aspects of student life, under the supervision of the college administration. Its objectives are to :

  • Ensure development of its members’ educational, social and cultural interests
  • Facilitate relations between students and the college administration
  • Support and coordinate the actions of student committees
  • Ensure ongoing communication on issues of concern to the members of SASA

The organization, execution and success of activities rely on the continued involvement of students, either through a committee or by offering their help to the association of to the student life advisor. CiSA recognizes student engagement. For more information, drop by the AGÉSA office!

Student committees 2018-2019

  • Green
  • Sports
  • Solidarity
  • Student Paper
  • Sociocultural
  • Arts
  • Book club

The mandates of the members of the Executive Council terminate when they finish their studies at CiSA. Elections for three of the positions on the Council are held every year at the start of the fall term. The Student Association communicates with its members through its private Facebook group.