At Collégial international Sainte-Anne, every student has the opportunity to live an exceptional college experience from day one by becoming involved in student life. By participating in the many activities available, students will enrich their experience and develop a social life based on friendship and mutual assistance. Everything is in place for students to grow personally as they forge a place for themselves within their class.

Cultural activities

Sainte-Anne offers students the opportunity to participate in activities that complement their program of studies as well as in extracurricular activities. The objective is to satisfy a range of interests, whether these lie with student TV and radio; serving on a social, ecological, marketing or cultural committee; join our improv community; attending lectures or plays; visiting exhibitions; or in some other area.

The college is a member of the Réseau intercollégial des activités socioculturelles du Québec (RIASQ), whose aim is to promote the coordination and development of cultural activities for CEGEP students.

Sports activities

Our unique geographical environment makes it possible to practise a wide variety of sports and outdoor activities.

In addition to three scheduled physical education courses, students can try flag football, volleyball (women), ultimate, soccer, tennis, cross-country running, swimming and downhill skiing (if enough students enrol).

The proximity to water provides the opportunity to practise a number of water sports, including surfing!