Collégial international Sainte-Anne offers a diverse range of loans and scholarships so that as many students as possible looking for a strong pre-university education from a private institution are able to study at Sainte-Anne.


In addition to financial assistance from MEESR, students with limited financial resources can apply for a scholarship from Fondation Sainte-Anne. Scholarships are awarded based on an evaluation of the scholarship application file and the amount of funding available. Applications must be submitted online, between January 1 and April 1 2019. Online form available on the Sainte-Anne Foundation website.


Whatever program of studies they decide to pursue at Sainte-Anne, secondary 5 students with a very strong academic record and history of community involvement may qualify for a program of merit and involvement scholarships. The merit scholarship promotes and encourages excellence among secondary 5 students. The amount of this scholarship, that can fully cover tuition fees for two years at Sainte-Anne, is awarded for two full-time years at the college, provided that the student maintains its excellent record. The involvement scholarship recognizes and rewards extracurricular involvement and community engagement among secondary 5 students. Students wishing to apply for a scholarship must have first applied to and been accepted by the college. Applications must be submitted by February 18 2019.

Scholarships for student artists and athletes

Collégial international Sainte-Anne offers a scholarship to secondary 5 students wishing to enroll in the Collégial’s first-year program for performing artists and high-level athletes. The goal of this program is to support and encourage academic excellence and promote the pursuit of high-quality college studies while living one’s passion. The annual scholarship, in the amount of $1,500, is awarded for two full-time years at the Collégial, provided that the student maintains the high level of his or her academic, sports or artistic record. Students wishing to apply for a scholarship must first be registered and admitted to the Collégial. Applications must be received no later than February 18 2019.


The Ministère de l'Éducation, de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche offers a program of financial assistance for college and university students.