Our History

Collège Sainte-Anne opened its doors in 1861 at the instigation of Esther Blondin, founder of the Sisters of Sainte-Anne. Originally known as Villa Anna, the institution quickly made a reputation for itself. Enrolment grew steadily and the programs of study diversified. After becoming a secular institution in 1998, Sainte-Anne began to distinguish itself in the early 2000s by offering an international program and integrating technology into its educational approach. In 2011, Sainte-Anne’s CEGEP program welcomed its first students, and in Summer 2015, the Sainte-Anne Academy opened its doors to their first kindergarten and primary school students.

Photo: Our magnificent high-tech library in the former sanctuary


Villa Anna

In May 1861, the Sisters of Sainte-Anne, a congregation founded in 1850 by Marie-Anne Blondin, took possession of the Simpson Manor. On September 2, Collège Sainte-Anne (then called Pensionnat Villa Anna) opened its doors for the first time to welcome 68 young women, 20 of them boarders at the school. In 1882, the institution was renamed Pensionnat Sainte-Anne. The high quality of the innovative educational program quickly established Sainte-Anne as one of the region’s best girls’ schools. Enrolment continued to grow as the programs diversified and the school expanded.

Photo: The historic Sisters of Sainte-Anne centre with the founder standing in front of the Simpson Manor in Lachine
The photograph was taken in 1887 before the manor and “brick chapel” were demolished to build the Sainte-Anne Sanctuary.


Collège Sainte-Anne

The Corporation du Collège Sainte-Anne was founded in 1960 and declared an institution of “public interest” in 1969. There were no more boarders at the school after 1972 as the college reorganized its facilities to accommodate a greater number of students. Expansion continued with construction of a sports centre (1979) and the Marie-Esther Pavilion (1987). The 1980s were marked by a shift towards information technologies and the school accepting its first male students (1988). The college continued to evolve as an institution, becoming a secular corporation in 1998, and the last nuns on the teaching staff gradually retired.

Photo: Historic Sisters of Sainte-Anne centre
The college dome remains a symbol associated with the Sisters of Sainte-Anne.


Collégial international and Academy Sainte-Anne

At the dawn of the third millennium, Sainte-Anne continues to distinguish itself in a variety of ways. Nine distinctly unique programs have been developed, an international network of partner schools established, an educational approach focused on technology introduced, a sports complex for students built, a training centre added and a modern high-tech library opened, just to name a few. The college continued to progress: in 2011, in the midst of 150th anniversary celebrations, on August 11 of that year, Collégial international Sainte-Anne opened its doors. The first CEGEP graduating class was honoured in the spring of 2013. On August 26, 2015, the first kindergarten and primary school students had their first day of school. Since then, Sainte-Anne support young people from kindergarten to the end of their preuniversity studies.
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Vision for the future

And now it’s your turn to become part of Sainte-Anne’s distinguished history. Leave your mark by taking a pre-university program focused on success and personal growth. Pursue your education in a program with an international outlook as you prepare for a professional future on the world stage!