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Par Carole Emilie Baddour, PhD, Chemistry Professor | Date de parution: 10 février 2015

A Chemical Alarm Clock

Students in Prof. Baddour’s Chemistry of Solutions class learned about reaction mechanisms and kinetics by studying the Iodine Clock reaction. This classic chemical `clock´ involves a solution that abruptly turns blue-black after the formation of a starch-iodine complex. The sudden colour change occurs after a precise time and is analogous to an alarm clock ringing. The time depends on the concentration of reactants and the temperature of the reaction mixture.

A demonstration of this reaction was made during today’s lab sessions and the students continued their investigation via an online simulation of the Iodine Clock (for those who are adventurous, check it out). Students were also provided with guidelines to complete a modified version of the Iodine Clock reaction at home, for which they will record video explanations to demonstrate their understanding.

You can watch the reaction.



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